From the ‘Step Out Of The Confines Of Comfort’  Seminar 

The much talked about ‘Step Out of the Confines of Comfort’ seminar took place on Saturday 22nd and it was an eye opener. We had a wonderful time this last Saturday as we learnt on the need to push for more, ask questions and dare our fears. 
One of the lessons we shared was about  the lives of soldiers. Their lives are spent mostly in the barracks, training fields or battlefields. Among these three places, the place where things really happen is on the battle field. This is where they possess new territories and gain new grounds. They are at their best on the battlefield. Their sense of alertness is hypersensitive on the battlefield, because it is a matter of life and death, survive or die, win or lose, on the battlefield. 

Meanwhile in the barracks, the same toughminded fighters on the battlefield become soft, jocular, backslapping and even careless, sometimes sleeping without any care for external aggression. 
Your Confines Of Comfort are like the barracks. You are relaxed and your guards are down within your Confines of Comfort. You don’t think beyond the four walls of your world (the box). Unfortunately, until you step out of that box, you can’t win new frontiers or make new discoveries. You can’t see beyond your world as long as you remain confined to your world. 
This is why you must never settle within your Confines Of Comfort. You must keep moving. You must keep breaking new grounds and possessing new territories. 
This is especially moreso for the black race, we have become used to waiting for the white race to produce everything for us. We are comfortable using our hard earned local currencies to purchase foreign currencies to pay for the produce of the western world, mostly produced with materials obtained from our backyards! So saddening and painful! Our generation must not recycle this same mentality, we must be the game changer. 
It is time to get out of the rut of Comfort and take our place in destiny. It is time for you to produce your product. It is discovery time! 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 

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