Door Openers (3)

Integrity plus skilfulness will take you to the upper class of the best of the best. However from experience, people hardly develop skills in what they don’t have passion for. This is where the third door opener comes in. 

3. Passion is a necessary ingredient for attracting positive recommendations. See a man diligent in his business, he will stand before Kings and not before mean men. Proverbs 22:29. You can’t be diligent at what you don’t like, it is just not possible. You will find it boring, burdensome and dreary. It is thus important that you do what you love. When you do what you love, your work ceases to be a job and becomes an art. All over the world, men seek for people with integrity, skilfulness and passion. Your passion for it drives you to seek for excellence, which is the fourth point. 
4. Excellence is a state of flawlessness. When you score 100% in an exam you will be graded as excellent. You can become excellent at what you do when it is what you are passionate about. When you make excellence your hallmark in what you do, you will necessarily attract positive attention. Doors will begin to open to you of their own accord. 
Be a man of integrity. Become skilful at what you do. Do what brings out passion in you. Make excellence your hallmark. 
As you do this, doors will begin to open for you. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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