Who Do You Look Up To? (1) 

Everybody is a reflection of some others. Most of our thought patterns, habits and actions are picked from someone or some people who we look up to. We are both directly and indirectly influenced by the behaviour of people around us and even sometimes those far from us, but who we deeply respect. We are also influenced by what we read or see, but we will stay on who we look up to today. 
It is thus important to check those who are influencing you directly and indirectly. Are they influencing you positively or otherwise? If you are struggling with some negative habits, you may need to first check for direct and indirect reinforcements of such habits. It may be something you have seen in a close friend or even your parents or siblings. Until you deal with the influencer, you may not be able to change that habit. 
If you want to build good habits and drop bad ones, surround yourself with those who have those good habits and distance yourself from those with the bad habits. If those with the bad habits are unavoidable, then you have to take on the challenge of helping them to change. 
The people you look up to can determine who you become, you therefore need to see that you are looking up to the right people. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 

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