You Can’t Move Forward in a Reverse Gear

Are you still bound by your past mistakes? Is that failure still holding you back? Are you keeping to yourself because of that last hurtful relationship? Are you afraid of investing again because of the last failed investment? Or you have become distrustful due to the betrayal you suffered in the hands of that trusted fellow? Or perhaps you have been dwelling on that last success so much that you don’t want to try new things? 
Hear this, nobody travels in a reverse gear. A driver drives facing the front windscreen and not the rear screen. As long as you keep looking into the past, you are driving in a reverse gear and that only takes you to one destination, BACKWARD. If you want to move forward, you must face the future and put the past behind you. 
The only business you have in the past is to draw from the lessons of your failures or successes. This is why your eyes are in the front and not behind. You are to look forward and move towards new goals. You have no business in the past. 
It is therefore time to get out of reverse gear and engage the drive gear. No matter how bad the past may have been, the future holds a lot of opportunities and promises, they are only waiting for you to walk into them. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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