Missing in Action? 

Are you feeling like you have been kept in the cooler? Feeling like you are missing in action? Every good football player always wants to be fielded in every match, barring injury or booking suspension. 

There are times the coach will keep a fit player on the bench. Coaches do this for so many reasons. Sometimes they could be keeping the player for a particular match or towards the end of the game in a match, especially when such players are game changers. Other times, it could be punishment for a misbehaviour, or to avoid exposing the player to injuries while playing. 

Likewise, life sometimes keeps us on the bench and we become angry and frustrated. For similar reasons, you may be kept on the bench of life for a particular purpose and season. Do not despair. You may have sustained some serious injuries too,  unknowing to you and if you continue, you will just crash. Sometimes it is as a result of our mistakes. 
Whichever one is the situation, the bench is not a permanent position, you will soon resume back to actions. While you are on the bench, keep learning, keep equipping yourself and stay prepared. You may be called to action anytime. Don’t fret, it is just a phase. 

God bless us all. 

Good morning! 


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