Mentalities that Destroy (6)

As we wrap up this series today, we will be closing with the Poverty Mentality. This is the mentality that has crippled the African race and kept us behind all other races. It is the mentality ruling most of our leaders. It is the mentality that has ravaged our land and is still enslaving our children in droves just like a vortex sucks in water. It is arguably the worst of all, in terms of its capacity to destroy both present and future potentials.  
What is poverty mentality? It is a mental block that makes someone sees himself as been poor and pushes one to steal, loot, usurp, waste and kill, with a view to amass enough wealth to guarantee that one would never be poor again. It is the mentality that makes people believe that every opportunity to hold a position,  either in private or public offices, is an opportunity to enrich themselves rather than serving the good of all. It is also the reason why we sell our goods and services at abnormal margins because we think we may never sell again. Smart people leverage on turnover, poor people leverage on margins. It only takes time before the foolishness of abnormal margins is revealed. 

Poverty mentality is the black race worst nightmare! This was why some of our forefathers colluded with the white man to sell fellow blacks into slavery. Oh, how better we would be, if we deal a death blow to Poverty Mentality. 
It is borne out of insecurity and apprehension of the future. We don’t trust ourselves or our leaders to do the right things to ensure a good future, so we help ourselves by defrauding, embezzling, looting, stealing and killing. All ritualists, kidnappers, looters of treasuries, armed robbers, prostitutes and practitioners of other money-induced vices are victims of Poverty Mentality. 
In that you have written yourself off from making it, and have settled for taking what belongs to others, you are poor even though you have the best mansions or possessions. If you follow the principles of success, you will make it, no matter how long it takes. Stop allowing Poverty Mentality to rule you, it not only destroys you, it destroys others as well. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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