Mentalities that Destroy (5)

I trust that we have been learning  from this series. Some of us may have been operating with these mentalities ignorantly, and it may be the reason we haven’t experienced the success we desire.  As we begin to apply these lessons, I am sure that positive results will start coming. 
We are not done with this series yet, there is another mentality called the Complex Mentality. It works in two variants, Inferiority Complex and Superiority Complex. Both variants are toxic and affect people negatively. 
Inferiority Complex is a belief that one is less worthy than others. It makes the person to either be extremely timid (lacking in self confidence) or overly aggressive (as a cover up for their sense of low worthiness). Such people are usually  very quiet in a meeting or group, not because they are humble but because they feel their contribution may not make sense to others. Or they may challenge every other suggestion because they feel unnecessarily intimidated by the presence of the other contributors. They could be a real pain in the neck. 
Superiority Complex is the other extreme, having a sense of more importance than others and looking down on others. It leads to pride, pomposity and inflated ego. It is as bad as inferiority complex, if not worse, because such people are usually unreachable. 
Whichever one is the case, the way out is a moderate sense of self importance and appreciation of the value of every other person, regardless of their class, status, religion or creed. Everyone has a value, even the mad man on the street has some values. We must be humble enough to see the value in everyone. 
Don’t think too highly of yourself and don’t think too lowly of yourself. You are uniquely created, so is every other person. When we bring our different uniqueness together, we become a formidable force. Get rid of that complex today. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 

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