Copy it Right

We live in the social media age and we are daily deluged with posts via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what have you. Some of these posts are interesting such that we want to share them with our own circle of friends or followers. This is where most of us have been getting it wrong. 

There is a law called Copyright law. When someone creates any work and files for copyright, once the copyright is granted, the work becomes his or her personal property and cannot be used by any other person without express permission from the copyright owner or without acknowledging the original owner. Anyone who uses another person’s copyright without permission or due acknowledgement is committing plagiarism and this is illegal. 

Now back to you, anytime you are to share someone’s work through copy and paste or in any other forms, ensure you acknowledge the original owner. Don’t take credit for another person’s work, doing so is like stealing what doesn’t belong to you. Whether it is a literary work or some other works, always give credit to the original owner. 

Don’t be found guilty of plagiarism and run foul of the law. 

God bless us all. 

Good morning! 

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