You Are Special

There is a way life throws so much mud at someone and the person becomes totally unrecognizable. If you come across someone who is just being pulled out of a deep slimy mud, until the person takes a deep wash of himself, you may not be able to recognise him. His voice may be the only thing you will recognize. 

We sometimes lose our identity as a result of the challenges of life. We sometimes get to a point where we believe there is nothing of value left in us. This is nothing but a lie and a fallacious conclusion. If you clean yourself up, there is a lot of value loaded in you. 

Has life thrown you deep down and you are feeling worthless? Have you made several mistakes and you feel you have gone too far to start again? Have you been written off by everybody? 

Dust yourself up. Wash yourself if you have to. Scrub yourself. Purge yourself. Begin again. You are not worthless. You are valuable, unique and special. 

Stop the lies and face life again. 

God bless us all. 

Good morning! 

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