Will It Count? 

There were times I came across some lists of goals or prayer requests I had written much earlier, and as I read through those lists or requests I smiled. I smiled not necessarily because the goals were achieved or the prayers answered, but because reading them much later reveals the inconsequentiality or insignificance of the requests or goals. Some will appear outrightly childish,  some selfish, and some just irrelevant. 

This personal experience has taught me to always weigh my actions, goals and objectives on the scale of materiality in posterity. Materiality in Posterity means ‘will it be material years after?’. I always ask myself questions like, if I don’t achieve this now, will it really matter? Is it that necessary? Will it still be material years later? These questions help me to readjust my priorities and maintain focus on life impacting goals. 

My advice to you today is to begin to weigh your decisions and intentions on the scale of materiality in posterity. If I steal to build, will posterity treat me well? If I lie about my age to get that job, will my body also lie after some years? Is acquiring more cars more material than sponsoring some orphans or less privileged? 

If we do a lot of introspective thinking before acting we will have less regrets in retrospect. Ask yourself before you take that action, ‘will it count later?’ 

Remember this always, ‘Wise men invest in people, ordinary men invest in things.’ 

God bless us all. 

Good morning!


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