Reasons Why Marriages Fail (6)

You can make your marriage an exception from the growing number of divorces. It all depends on you.

Another major reason why marriages fail is lack of conscious effort or laziness on the part of the couple. It may interest you to know that marriage is work, serious work. And like every serious work, you have got to work at it.

When the passion becomes lukewarm, you have to work to raise the temperature again. You have to constantly do things that will keep the spark in your marriage. Go out together. See movies together. Get on a vacation trip together. Just keep doing things that will make your marriage spicy. Naturally you will tend to become bored, you must fight this natural tendency by being innovative.

Make your home a Palace as a wife. Keep your home clean and tidy. Let your man always look forward to being home. Cook varieties. It is not about the money, there are a lot of delicacies that don’t require huge money.

As a husband, take care of your family’s needs. He who cannot take care of his own is worse than an infidel. Don’t leave your spouse at the mercy of your neighbors. Protect her. Defend her. Be her no 2 advocate after Jesus. Don’t ever condemn her in the public, even if she is wrong. Nothing hurts more than that.

Please understand this, marriage is one of those areas of Life where you can’t afford to be lazy. Either as a man or woman, you can’t afford laziness in your marriage, otherwise it will fail.

Pressures of life can crush any marriage, if permitted. When you have been pummeled and bruised by the day’s job, don’t transfer the aggression on your spouse at home. If you could keep mum when your boss was shouting unjustly at you, more than ever, you shouldn’t shout back at your spouse. In a gentle way, let your spouse know what you have been through, so that your spouse can manage your mood well. Don’t assume that you alone went through stuffs. And don’t assume that he should know you are angry. So you have got to talk. This takes us to another reason.

Marriages fail because couples don’t communicate. Couples assume a lot, and most of the time, wrongly. You assume the reason he doesn’t call you during the day is because someone has caught his attention or that he doesn’t care any longer. Meanwhile your man is trying to save his job by meeting crazy deadlines. He is thinking you should understand, without telling you anything about his job. You are thinking he no longer cares. Both of you are thinking and assuming and no one is talking!

This happens a lot in different scenarios and widen the gap between couple until they become strangers to each other. You must constantly communicate both verbally, in writing (text, chats, or even letters) physically and emotionally. If you communicate physically, you will quickly know when something is going wrong with the health of your spouse. You will quickly notice the lines on his or her face, the emaciated look will be quickly noticed. Many spouses have died of terminal diseases without the partners knowing until they passed on. This should not be.

Share your thoughts. Rub minds on issues. Discuss your plans. Clear doubts and suspicions. Don’t leave any wound festering. When you disagree, always ensure you reconcile and reach an agreement.

Amos 3:3. ‘Can two walk together, except they be agreed?’

God bless us all.

Good morning!

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