Laws of Life (4)

Today we will round up on the Laws of Life. There are other laws but we will pause here while we focus on applying these laws in our lives.

9. Law of Appreciation: This law is a derivative of the law of Seed and Harvest. It states that whatever you appreciate and consciously show gratitude and value for, tends to increase. Simply put, appreciation brings increase. This law is applicable in every area of Life. Try appreciating the efforts of your spouse more and watch the effects. Or show gratitude for the output of your workers and give positive or constructive criticism, you will be amazed at how it will impact greatly on subsequent output. A small gift in your life can become your major source of income if you appreciate it.

The converse of this law is the law of depreciation. Simply states that what you don’t appreciate will depreciate. So start checking your appreciation quotient. The higher your Appreciation Quotient, the better your standard of living. It is not how much you have that determines your standard of living, but how much value you place on what you have. If you want your marriage to become better, start appreciating your spouse. Show that you are grateful for his or her efforts. Give kind words. Stop focusing on his or her weakness. Praise his or her strength.

This law can be applied to career, life, politics, and just anything. If you show love to even your domestic animals or pets, you will be amazed by the kind of loyalty you will get from them. Start today.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

What time of the day would you prefer to have this daily broadcast? Kindly be as specific as possible. Thanking you all as I await your responses.

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