Laws of Life (3)

We continue again today on our series on Laws of Life. It is my hope that as we begin to apply these principles in our lives, we will begin to experience positive changes.

7. Law of Focus: This law emphasizes the importance of directing one’s energy and passion at a single task or goal per time. If you focus the sun on a piece of paper with a lens, after one or two minutes, that point on the paper will start burning. The speed at which this will happen depends on the intensity of the sun, how powerful the lens is and the thickness of the paper. This simple illustration can be applied to any task or dream we set out to achieve. The sun represents your energy, skills, resources and passion, while the lens represent your mind (undivided attention) and the paper is the task at hand. If you direct all your energy and resources with a focused mind on any task, you will easily and quickly accomplish the task better than if you have divided attention. Have you been finding any task difficult? Try the law of Focus and you will surely accomplish the task.

8. Law of Replacement: This law stresses the need for continuous replacement or replenishment of resources, either of the mind or body. You must regularly create time for your mind and body to be renewed through the process of rest, relaxation, exercise and meditation. The body is like a container holding the mind, no matter how sharp your mind is, it needs the body to execute its thoughts, and the body has a limitation, it ages. You can however reduce the aging process through constant rest, retreat, and exercise. Sleep at least 6 hours every night, no matter how busy you are. The mind also loses its sharpness if not exercised and well rested. Create periodic time of retreat where you can do nothing but meditate and refresh your mind. Fill your mind with the Words of God, positive and inspiring messages. Exercise your heart through regular exercise. Many people are dropping dead everyday due to accumulated stress and tiredness of the heart. Don’t be a victim, apply the law of replacement.

Till tomorrow.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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