Appreciate Your Own Glory

There is the Glory of the Sun, there is the Glory of the Moon, and there is the Glory of the Stars. These are all different Glories, yet they are all Glories. The Moon cannot perform the work of the Sun. The grace of the Moon is to provide light at night and would lose its importance or relevance during the day. Likewise the Sun, it will be an anomaly for the Sun to come out at night. It will hurt nature. The moon cannot provide the kind of illumination the stars provide at night. They are beautiful in their splendor. None is greater than the other, but they each function most in their time and space.

You have your own Glory too. You have your grace. God gives us grace as He wills and according to our different abilities, so there is no need to envy the Glory or Grace of another. You don’t need to struggle with another person to shine. You will shine in your own space. The Sun doesn’t struggle to shine. It rises gracefully everyday and there is no contention over its effectiveness. Once you find your space, you begin to function with ease and great effectiveness. Your Space is where your grace flows with ease. Your Space is your Calling. Find it.

Therefore, instead of envying the Glory of others, appreciate your own grace and build up on your grace. Sooner than later, your Glory will be seen by all. There is no one created without grace. The problem is we function out of our grace. Who is poor? He is poor who is ignorant of his Grace or who fails to utilize his Grace. May you find your Grace.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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