Who Are Your Friends?

You become like those you associate with. A sheep that walks with the dog will eventually eat dungs. Your life is a reflection of two things, your thoughts and your friends or associates. You are a median of the group of friends you keep. If you keep intelligent people as friends, you will be intelligent. If you keep riff-raffs as friends, you can’t be better than a riff-raff. Don’t be deceived, your friends make you. Even if you are from a noble background, you can lose your nobility by the type of associations you keep. “A king’s son is no nobler than his company.” –  Gaelic Proverb.

The choice of one’s friends is not something you take lightly. You must consciously build your association. If you want to be rich, associate yourself with the rich. I am not teaching you to disdain or despise people of low status. Your duty to them is to help them rise up, not to make them your advisers. The kind of advice, inspirations and dreams you have are oftentimes drawn from the associations you keep. So if you want to dream big, you have got to relate with big dreamers and people who have already done similar things. This is not pride, it is wisdom.

There is a need for you to begin a conscious review of your association with a view to sifting and repositioning yourself. Pigs enjoy staying in the mud, so if you keep a sheep with the pigs, they will drag her into the mud. Breed a dog with cubs of lion and you will be surprised that the dog will grow up as a lion dog. Changing your association is one way of changing your life. “Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation. It is better be alone than in bad company.” –  George Washington

Find a role model among those who have achieved what you are dreaming of and learn from him or her. Read about great people. Small minds talk about things or people, while great minds make things happen. Leave the company of those who talk about things or people and join the company of those who make things happen.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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