It Will Surely Pass

Nothing lasts forever, especially on this side of the divide (earth). Every emotion, whether of pain, joy, grief, sorrow, happiness, will eventually fade away. Time has a way of changing things and the way we see them. No matter what challenge, trouble, difficulty, persecution or affliction you may be going through, be rest assured that it won’t last forever. It has an end. There is an appointed expiry date for every problem, so don’t kill yourself before the expiry date.

It is important we are mindful of our decisions during tough times. Don’t make decisions that will impact your entire life in a negative way because of a problem that has a limited time. Some people make decisions that affect even generations after them on the spur of the moment just because they allow their emotions to overwhelm them. Anytime you are making a decision or taking an action as a result of a problem, always ask yourself some of these questions:

1. Will this problem matter in a few years from now?
2. Is my decision life altering?
3. How will this affect me or others later?

Don’t be a slave to your emotion. God gave you a head and mind to rule over your emotions. Problems are part of life but they change from season to season, so why react as if the problem will be there forever? Why commit suicide because of today’s lack or betrayal? Have you been told you can’t make it tomorrow or you can’t find true love again? Why sacrifice the future of your children on the altar of money rituals? Why would you shut down that business because of a temporary loss? Who says you can’t recoup that loss within one financial year? Why throw away that marriage because of childlessness? Between Mary and Sarah (a virgin and an old woman), God has covered every conceivable situation of infertility. Yours can’t be outside that range!

Get a grip on your emotions and weigh your decisions with your mind before acting. No problem is designed to last forever. It will surely pass, because it has a life span.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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