Bite that Bullet

One of the major reasons why you wake up one day and ask yourself questions like (what have I done with my life?, how did the time fly so fast?) is because you keep avoiding that bullet. Simply put, you are a procrastinator. Nothing wastes life more than procrastination. I will do it someday soon means, you will do it no day soon. “You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin. While you are delaying, time is moving, life is moving on and you are being left behind!

You must master the use of time by biting the bullet immediately. Don’t wait for the best moment. As a matter of fact, the best time was yesterday so you are already late. Go ahead and take that step today. Procrastination does so many havoc. One, it rubs you of the sense of accomplishment and the confidence that comes with consistent performance. It leaves you with a deep sense of low self esteem and low confidence because you have not achieved anything.

Two, by the time you take the step (if you ever do), it may be late on arrival, dead on arrival, or obsolete on arrival because someone who has mastered time has already done it. It really sucks when you do something and you are told someone did a similar thing two years ago! You don’t want to be caught in such an embarrassing situation, do you?

Three, ideas are not exclusively yours. Nobody has monopoly of ideas. Nothing can stop an idea which time has come. If it comes to your mind and you don’t act on it, it will fly to a more proactive mind. So while you are stuck in paralysis caused by your analysis, someone is out there running with the idea and learning from all the mistakes.

So, you are the real victim of procrastination. Somehow, somewhere the job will be done and the credit will go to someone else. The parable in the Bible that says ‘to him who has much, much will be given and from him who has less, the less will be taken and given to the one who has much’, is talking about procrastinators. You will get less and less ideas as you procrastinate. The guy who is always acting will get more and more ideas.

Where would you like to belong? The one with more or the one with less? It is time to Bite that Bullet!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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