What Perfume Are You Wearing?

The other day, I walked into a store and saw some colognes as expensive as 40k and I was like, what? I later learnt that some are as expensive as $1000 per ounce! Wow! In my country’s currency, that is over 300k! It may be too expensive for you and it might not be, it depends on the value you place on wearing nice fragrance. Whichever, almost everyone wants to wear perfume, some even use combination of perfumes, all because we want to smell nice and be noticed.

But I tell you that there is a more effective way to smell nice and be noticed. Just as some people walk past you and they leave a whiff of their perfume behind, some people are highly distinguishable, either positively or negatively. How do they do it? It is all in their presence. Your presence can command, demand or repel attention. More important than wearing perfume, you must work on your presence. I am not talking about unnecessary showiness or flamboyance, I am talking about having a commanding Presence. In ordinary life, business, politics and spiritual matters, you need a commanding Presence.

How do you acquire a commanding Presence? You need to first understand the components of Presence. If you are able to master these components, you will necessarily carry a commanding Presence. These are:
Vocal Power

Attitude: this is about your feeling, disposition, manner, outlook, view point on something. It refers to the way you handle matters or react to issues. You must always have the right attitude or positive attitude. Usually, your attitude will reflect in your countenance or demeanor. Some people always wear a frowning face. That is a strong repellant. Try smile. Nothing warms the heart like a smile. Always wear a cheerful disposition, even if the world is crashing on you, don’t carry it on your face. There is always a positive side to every negative situation, concentrate more on that positive aspect. Maintaining a positive attitude boosts health and helps to think better. You can boost your attitude through meditation on the Word of God, reading motivational materials and reading biographies and autobiographies of great people. A positive attitude commands respect.

Apparel: this is your physical outlook, your choice of dress and accessories. If you dress like a junkie you will be treated like a junkie. If you dress like a King, you will be accorded the respect due to Kings. It is not about wearing expensive, it is about right combination of nice and neat dresses. Avoid stains on your dress. Avoid heavy jewelry or makeup that makes you look like a masquerade! Elegance is simplicity. Go for simplicity! Check fashion sites for right color combinations. Don’t carry the rainbow with you, unless of course, you are a comedian. By all means, avoid imitation. Rather wear generic dress.

Carriage: This is about how you carry your head and body. It is about how you walk. It is about graceful step. This is extremely important. Walk smart. Maintain a straight posture. Walk with a straight gait. For ladies, move with grace and ease. If you are heavily bedecked, this will be difficult. Carry yourself with grace. Don’t badge into people when walking. Don’t make noise with your feet when walking. Avoid gum chewing in the public. It is very irritating. Avoid footwears that announce your presence, such footwears immediately reduces value perception about you.

Vocal Power: this is about your pitch of voice, accent and command of language. Find the right pitch for the environment. Don’t speak with a high pitch when a lecture is going on, except you are the speaker or you are asking a question. Low pitch in a dinner party will only make your partner(s) get bored. There is always a right pitch per occasion. When addressing people, you must raise your pitch. If you are strongly accented, you may want to deal with that. Avoid using heavy accents. Have a good command of English. It is the universal language. Read quotes, adages, proverbs, fictions and myths. They all help to improve your vocabularies and communication. Avoid too much gesticulation while talking, and by every means, avoid touching people while talking.

If you are able to master these components, you won’t find it difficult commanding attention in any occasion. You also may not need that heavy investment in perfumes any longer (smiles). Your best perfume is a positive attitude, start wearing it from today.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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