Simplify Your Life

Make your life as simple as possible.

The more titles and positions you acquire the more complex your life become.

The more gadgets you acquire, the more bills you pay and the more hustling you need

The more friends you have the more the interests you have to satisfy

The more you fill your wardrobe, the more you need to get matching accessories

The more money you acquire, the more you need to work to maintain your status

It is a futile and an endless race. Rat race indeed!

Simplify your life by seeking to impact people rather than control people

Pay less attention to mundane things, you cant have enough of them

Pay more attention to nature and appreciate the beauty of nature

Be as natural as possible. Just be yourself

Don’t belittle that position you have now, many want to be there

Appreciate God and His works

Enjoy every moment of your life

Sleep like a baby

Worry less

Smile more

Laugh more

Just live.



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