“Boldness is no…

“Boldness is not the absence of fear but the courage to move on inspite of your fears. Be bold.” – Adewumi Oni


Success Comes With A Price

Do you want to be successful?

Have you been envying successful people?

Do you know success comes with two prices?

Do you also know that you keep paying the prices as long as you want to stay successful?


Success is hard work. It is serious work and it is not for the lazy minds or the casual types. There is nothing casual about success. It is deliberate and must be planned. You don’t wish success to happen. It has to be supported with plans and implementation of plans. Some people believe success is bestowed on whomever God pleases. No. God bestows success on those who crave for it. Yes, truly the race is not to the swift or the wise…, time and chance happen to them all. Time and chance only happen to the prepared.

Also, after reaching one level of success, you need to do twice as much to sustain the success. This is why success is hardwork and successful people keep working and working. So if you want success, get ready to pay the price.

Catch ya.