Produce Your Product

Whenever you want to purchase a spare part for your vehicle or generator set or any other major equipment, there is always a major problem you will encounter, the problem of finding the right quality. Why is this so? Because there are multifarious types of that same spare part and from different sources. There is the China type, there is Belgium type, we have follow come type, we have the one they also call original. When you ask your mechanic to advise on which is the best, you sometimes end up being more confused, as he relates how each can still meet your needs though at different costs.

This problem is not limited to spare parts , even fashion, wigs, jewelries, and the worst of it all, drugs and food items. We have Brazilian wigs, Peruvian wigs, Indian wigs, etc. The question is why not Nigerian wig? Why not Ghanaian wigs? Why not Guinean leather? Why not Nigerian shoe? Why must it be Italian shoe? Why can’t we produce our own products? Or better put, where is your own product? I often tell people, if you check yourself from head to toe , nothing on you is made in Nigeria. Why must it be so? As a nation, as a continent, we have become extremely lazy people who always look for the easy way out. Always importing and buying other people’s products. Damaging our economy, damaging our currency through our affinity for foreign things. To the extent that we have even lost our local identity. Our languages are gone, our values have been replaced with sick and depraved foreign values! Our culture has been lost! Kai!

While I appreciate the fact that the government has a lot to do to create an enabling environment, you also have a role to play. There are things you can produce without too much need from government. Start something! Produce your product! Stop running to China! Think. Act. Be creative. Produce something! Be it a book, a matchstick, toothpick, whatever just produce your product!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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